Pa RES(パレス)




私たち「Pa RES」は、心が満たされていることが大切だと考えています。


そんなときは、気軽に「Pa RES」に来てください。

「Pa RES」のエステは、サロンに一歩足を踏み入れたその瞬間から始まります。






What do you think of the need to beautiful?
We believe that being of a healthy mind is true beauty.
We cannot separate our mind and our body.
For that reason if you mind is filled with happiness your body will become more beautiful.

This is the true beauty that we have finally reached through researching beauty.
Life is not all roses.
Sometimes we get tired and beauty takes a backseat.
In such times,please feel free to come to our salon.
Pa RES’s treatment begins the moment you step into the salon.
The luxurious space that is your private room feels as if you came to a resort.
It frees your mind from the various stresses of daily life.
How would you like to have a more beautiful body and mind with healing power of human hands and with the words by those who has the correct knowledge and technique.

We are confident that we can make you more beautiful.
We will bring your best beauty out from your body and mind. Furthermore, we are hoping to help you beautifully shine and become more charming.